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Never too young to rock
 Versengold band merch for little folk fans...

Versengold band merch for little folk fans

Versengold stand for folk-rock with modern, German lyrics. Since the band was founded in 2003, the folk-rock band entertains its fans with sophisticated and imaginative lyrics, acoustic sound and unusual musical arrangements with influences from Irish folk. The melodies and lyrics are immediately catching your ear and give you the one or other catchy tune.... Verlieb Dich nie, nie, nie... niemals nie in das Mädchen hinter der Theke! 


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Versengold - a band reinvents itself

Since the band's founding in 2003, Versengold has stood for sophisticated and imaginative lyricism, acoustic sound and unusual musical arrangements. Since their reorientation in 2011, their musical work is also characterized by a surprisingly intense sonic pressure for acoustic bands, which is discharged in very danceable, energetic and songs, often peppered with virtuoso instrumental interludes. From the band's founding until today, the history of Versengold is particularly marked by changes in the lineup and the gradual creative reorientation from 2011. The long and eventful development of the band is reflected by the 7 studio albums discography, which from the first to the last album sometimes very large differences - both stylistically, as well as in the content orientation.

Versengold shirts for little fans

We are very happy to be able to offer you the great raven motif of Versengold on many different shirts, jackets and baby bodysuits. Here you will find the whole baby and kids merch of the band from size 56/62 for newborns and up to size 164 (for about 14 years) in many great colors. There is also something for girls. Our girly shirt is cut extra waisted, has a nice neckline and fits perfectly.