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 Amon Amarth - Merchandise for real Vikings...

Amon Amarth - Merchandise for real Vikings

VIKING metal outfits for little berserkers and shieldmaidens

The Swedish Viking metallers of Amon Amarth have long been among the best-known bands of their genre. With their massive sound, they skillfully combine Nordic mythology with melodic Death Metal. Especially singer Johan Hegg is the center of attention with his deep growls and his impressive stature - a frontman to be reckoned with! With their last albums, the down-to-earth Swedes were able to conquer the top of the charts, play sold-out tours and reach gold status. No wonder that the now appear at every festival as a headliner and are fired by tens of thousands.

Amon Amarth

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Viking power for little warriors

The Vikings have docked with their boat in the harbor of the Metal Kids and brought many treasures with them. Exclusively we have the "Little Berserker" motif for all little Vikings and shieldmaidens. For all fans of Odin and Nordic mythology, we also have designs with Thor's hammer in the store. The classic band logo is of course also available. If you like it more flashy and colorful, you will find it at "Raven's Flight", "Helmet" or "Burning Eagle". In addition to cool shirts, longsleeves, hoodies and jogging pants for kids, there are also caps, bodysuits, bibs and - world-exclusive! - a pacifier for the little ones.

Death Metal Fans

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