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 PAPA ROACH - This Is My Last Resort!...

PAPA ROACH - This Is My Last Resort!

Getting Away With Murder

"Cut my life into pieces..." - how the song goes on, a whole generation knows, because "Last Resort" from Papa Roach's triple platinum major debut "Infest" is one of the biggest hits of the early 2000s and earned them two Grammy nominations. The U.S. band is driven by their always energized singer Jacoby Shaddix, who is a damn cool frontman and makes every show an experience. The band regularly brings festivals like Rock am Ring to the boil. Musically, Papa Roach oscillate between alternative rock and nu metal, whereby they make a point of not repeating themselves and giving each album its own character.  And now all together again: "Cut my life into pieces…"

Papa Roach

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