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 Bad Religion merchandise for real mini punkers...

Bad Religion merchandise for real mini punkers

Crossbuster - Even for the youngest

With over 40 years of band history, Bad Religion is one of the longest serving and most successful punk and hardcore bands. As one of the first bands on the scene, they dared to look beyond punk rock and combine harmonious singing with politically critical lyrics and the hardness of punk. In this way they did pioneering work and influenced countless bands of the genre.

Founded in 1979, the band around frontman Greg Graffin is now one of the granddads of punk rock. They emerged from the Californian late seventies hardcore scene. Early on they realized that they could not dedicate themselves to one musical style alone, but were always looking for further inputs. Thus, they lacked melodic elements in the then flooded punk rock scene. Already their debut album "How Could Hell Be Any Worse?" became a complete success. Shortly after its release, it was considered one of the classics of melodic hardcore and punk history.

Bad Religion

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Bad Religion - Always in tune with the times

Yet the respective trends of the time did not pass the band by without a trace. They experimented with New Wave and Psychedelic Rock. Also the breakthrough of grunge in the 90s had an influence on the sound of the band. During this time, they released their most successful album "Stranger than Fiction", which included "21st Century Digital Boy", one of the most successful songs of the decade. Along with bands like Green Day, The Offspring and Descendents, they were one of the biggest and most successful punk acts of that time. After it got a bit quieter around the band in the early 2000s and there were some line-up changes, they came back with "The Empire Strikes First" as fresh as the first day. We hope that the old guard of punk rock will continue to make music for at least another 50 years, so that we can continue to listen to the sounds of Bad Religion in the future.

Bad Religion fanshop for kids from 0 to 14 years old

We celebrate the 40th anniversary of Bad Religion with cool kids and baby merch. In our online store you will of course find the classic: The Cross Buster Shirt, which should not be missing in any child's wardrobe. Real eye-catchers are also the Bad Religion bib and the matching romper.