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 QUEEN royal kids shirts for champions 


QUEEN royal kids shirts for champions

We will rock you!

Queen's timeless hits have shaped an entire era and set new standards in rock music with their unconventional songs. The band's influence reaches into many areas - just think of legendary movie scenes like the "Bohemian Rhapsody" escalation in the car in "Wayne's World" or sold-out soccer stadiums where "We Are The Champions" is sung from tens of thousands of throats after finals. Mega-hits like "We Will Rock You" with its gripping clap-along rhythm or "Another One Bites The Dust" with its striking bassline are also used again and again in the most diverse situations. The legendary Englishmen experienced their umpteenth spring in 2018 with the poignant film biopic "Bohemian Rhapsody." Although exceptional singer Freddy Mercury already died in 1991, the band's legacy lives on with its many immortal hits.


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Only the best for your rocking heirs to the throne

Whether baby bodysuits, shirts or dummies - Queen's classic "Crest" logo with the squiggly crown looks classy on everything! To print such a detailed motif cleanly requires a lot of experience, which we, as experts active since 2007, naturally possess. We don't use cheap standard goods, but textiles developed by us as parents over the years with our own cuts and practical details - naturally made of skin-friendly, certified cotton (organic).

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Besides Queen, we also have other legends in our range, such as the Rolling Stones with their iconic tongue motif, the legendary Kiss or the school uniform rockers AC/DC. In addition to shirts, bibs, dummies, etc., we even have an AC/DC "Highway To Hell" bobby car exclusively available.