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Never too young to rock
 SUBWAY TO SALLY - The Masters of Medieval...

SUBWAY TO SALLY - The Masters of Medieval Metal

Blut, Blut, Räuber saufen Blut!

The 1992 Subway To Sally are together with In Extremo the founders of the medieval rock scene. The band around the musical mastermind Ingo Hampf shines through high playing art and a profound integration of the medieval instrumentarium. Over the years, the band from Potsdam has turned more and more to metal, but they also like to play highly acclaimed unplugged tours in special locations like churches. Outstanding are the profound, metaphorical lyrics of guitarist Bodenski. With the Eisheiligen Nächten, Subway To Sally have had their own festival tour around Christmas for many years, where Saltatio Mortis, Feuerschwanz, Versengold, Mr.Hurley und die Pulveraffen and Eluveitie, among others, have already performed. In short: Subway To Sally are a scene Institution!

Subway to Sally

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