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 Corvus Corax  - the kings of the...

Corvus Corax  - the kings of the minstrels

Medieval merch for little fans

After 25 years of medieval music, they can look back on countless albums and the most diverse projects. With their mystical and legendary albums like "Mille Anni Passi Sunt" they brought old gods and legends to life, with albums like "Gimlie" and "Sverker" they worked up Celtic and Nordic traditions and brought the culture of the Vikings into the modern present. Driving rhythms, time-honored melodies and the sound of bygone days: with fascinatingly large drums and self-made bagpipes, Corvus Corax revive the moods of ancient times. With their work, the Berlin musicians have shaped our current understanding of medieval music.

The two great raven motifs "Rabensang" and "Drescher" were designed especially for the little Corvus Corax fans.

Corvus Corax

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Corvus Corax inspire around the world

No less a figure than Hollywood composer Hans Zimmer ("Gladiator," "Pirates of the Caribbean") recruited the kings of minstrels to compose music for "Ironclad" for this very reason. In the BBC documentary "The Crusaders", presented by Monty Python legend Terry Jones, their bagpipes and drums can be heard as well as in the computer game "Dragon Age". Finally, even the producers of the most successful TV series of all time, "Game of Thrones," were so impressed that they invited the band to play live on the set during filming for the series.

Besides the main band activities, Corvus Corax realized several special projects: "Cantus Buranus" combines film music with historical instruments. The live realization of "The Dwarves" - by Markus Heitz - together with Johannes Steck. In 2017, they brought "The Curse of the Dragon", the first "Fantastical", to the stage. So you can't say Corvus Corax "only" make medieval music. Corvus Corax combine historical music with modern fantasy elements, they experiment with different cultural sounds and crazy instruments.

Raven shirts for little fans

No other band captivates the small audience like Covus Corax. Especially for the little fans the motives "Rabensang" and "Drescher" were developed. These motifs are available for babies on a bodysuit, cute baby t-shirt, longsleeve or the hooded jacket. You can order our cuddly baby and kids sweatpants with the band logo. Also the baby bib or the cap. For Corvus Corax fans from the age of 2 we have the logo and the two raven motifs as t-shirt, long-sleeved shirt and hooded jacket. And fans of the Fantastical "The Curse of the Dragon" can even find the matching fanshirt with the great dragon fighter motif.