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Never too young to rock
 NIRVANA - The Grunge Founders 

 Smells Like...

NIRVANA - The Grunge Founders

Smells Like Teen Spirit

As a reaction to the increasingly sophisticated appearance of the rock stars from L.A., the grunge scene emerged in Seattle way up north. Instead of wearing spandex pants and makeup, the musicians went on stage in a down-to-earth, everyday jeans and shirt look and musically played a mixture of punk and classic rock. In the middle of it all: Nirvana! Their second album "Nevermind" has spoken from the soul of an entire generation and even ousted Michael Jackson from the top of the charts.  The hit single "Smells Like Teen Spriit" should not be missing at any nineties party! Unfortunately, the sensitive singer and guitarist Kurt Cobain could not cope with the huge success and took refuge in drugs. Half a year after the release of the third album "In Utero" he committed suicide. But the tragic figure lives on in the hearts of fans to this day! Drummer Dave Grohl then founded the Foo Fighters and celebrates success with them to this day.


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