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Never too young to rock
 FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH - Modern Metal Groove...

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH - Modern Metal Groove for Stadiums

The Wrong Side Of Heaven

Five Finger Death Punch named themselves after the martial arts movie "Zhao - The Invincible" from 1972, which was released in America under the title "Five Fingers Of Death". That's where the 5FDP logo with the brass knuckles comes from. Guitarist Zoltan Bathory, who comes from Hungary, is not only a riff master but also an active martial arts fighter and fan. The modern metal band from Las Vegas is an irresistible groove machine (influenced by bands like Pantera and Machine Head) and impresses especially with frontman Ivan Moody, who skillfully varies his powerful voice between rough and clear vocals and shines with multi-layered earworm choruses that loudly scream "stadium rock". The right band for small and big fighters!

Five Finger Death Punch

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