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Never too young to rock
 Feuerschwanz - We need more humor and mead...

Feuerschwanz - We need more humor and mead

Up with the horns!

The idea to do "medieval folk comedy" was born already in the year 2000. Peter Henrici felt that the medieval scene was too humorless and decided to found a parody band in the tradition of J.B.O.. Together with Tobias Heindl, the fiddler of the folk-rock band Fiddler's Green, and bassist Andre Linke, he founded the band Feuerschwanz. All three gave themselves pseudonyms for the project: "Hauptmann Feuerschwanz" (Henrici), "Walther von der Vögelweide" (Heindl) and "Eysye" (Linke). Other musicians completed the band and in May 2004 the band made its debut on stage.

Since then Feuerschwanz inspire not only big people, but also more and more small audiences with their funny lyrics and catchy melodies. For the little fans of the band there is the Feuerschwanz dragon on a t-shirt, longsleeve, girly or as a cool hoodie.


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FEUERSCHWANZ - the captain's horny bunch

So it happened that in the year 1223 Captain Feuerschwanz enjoyed the pleasant sides of the robber knighthood to the fullest. For a long time he lived in the ruined castle of his forefathers. He did not care much about the course of the world until he had forfeited, drunk and gambled away all his possessions - except for a dilapidated castle ruin that no one wanted anymore. So, in the hope of wealth and heroic deeds, he set out on a crusade to the south.

On the long ride he was joined by more henchmen: Sir Lanzeflott, who probably maintains the best lance refining manufactory far and wide, Johanna von der Vögelweide, who like her brother Walther wanted to become a real knight and minstrel and therefore had to disguise herself as a man in order to be accepted, Eysye, the man with the iron mask whose name and origin nobody knows, the young Prince Hodenherz, who succeeds his father Richard and his half-sister Ronja Hodenherz at the blowing mill and the squire, who is just the squire and also otherwise quite useful. Together they form the captain's horny bunch, driven by a motto that probably makes everyone happy and which the captain discovered in Jerusalem as the true formula for the philosopher's stone: MET & MIEZEN.

Caution earworm alarm

With songs like "Hurra, Hurra, die Pest ist da", "Saufgelage" and especially "Schubsetanz" Feuerschwanz really catch the ear and stay there. Even the smallest fans are already sure of the lyrics and bawl along at the concerts or in front of the TV at home. So that the right fan feeling comes up, we have the great dragon motif for babies and children on many articles in the offer. As a shirt, longsleeve, girly or cool hoodie you can get the Feuerschwanz Dragon.