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 Ghost -: holy shirts with the blessing of Papa...

Ghost -: holy shirts with the blessing of Papa Emeritus!

If you have Ghost, you have everything!

Hardly any band makes such an effort for their stage presence and external presentation with their spectacular masks and costumes as the Swedes of Ghost, who have already been awarded a Grammy for it. The center of the band is singer Tobias Forge, who leads the band as the Pope or optionally as the Cardinal. During the various phases and albums of the band, he has always developed the figure of Papa Emeritus and assumed different stages. He is supported by various "nameless ghouls" whose identity is unknown and around whom many myths entwine. Although the image of Ghost is dark, their classic rock comes across almost poppy, especially due to the emphatically melodic vocals, and reveals influences of Blue Öyster Cult.


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Ghost fan shop for newborn and kids up to 14 years

Our Ghost fan store runs under the band's motto "If you have Ghost, you have everything". Because for all little ghouls we have the right wardrobe in our online store. How about the "Opus" shirt, in the style of the successful album of the same name? Or with the classic logo shirt? Of course, all designs are also available as longsleeve or hoodie. And for the very little fans we also have Ghost rompers and baby shirts in our assortment - of course all with the blessing of Papa Emeritus!

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