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 IN FLAMES - This is how Gothenburg sounds!...

IN FLAMES - This is how Gothenburg sounds!

Soundtrack To Your Escape

Together with Dark Tranquillity and At The Gates, In Flames are the most formative band of the typical Gothenburg style: Melodic Death Metal! Albums like "Clayman", "Reroute To Remain" and "Come Claity" are quite rightly considered milestones of this genre and live not least from Anders Friden's distinctive vocals, which use growls as well as slightly nasal clear vocals. In recent years, the band around guitarist Björn Gelotte has opened up their sound a bit and thus also conquered the American market. In Flames have been awarded several times with the Swedish Grammy ("Grammis") and gold albums. Who wears the distinctive logo on the chest, proves first-class taste in Music!


In Flames

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