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 Guns n' Roses - Cool shirts from Paradise...

Guns n' Roses - Cool shirts from Paradise City

Welcome to the Jungle

Guns n' Roses wrote music history with their sensational debut "Appetite For Destruction" and created one of the most successful debuts of all time. It was the initial spark for the great sleaze rock revival, and songs like "Welcome To The Jungle", "Paradise City" or "Sweet Chil O' Mine" are hits of a whole generation. With the double album "Use Your Illusion" Pt.I and Pt.II the success continued (keyword: "November Rain") and made the scandal band immortal, so that even the following personnel changes could not harm the legend status. Consequently, Guns n' Roses were inducted into the "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame" and Axl Rose even replaced Brian Johnson in AC/DC in the meantime.

Guns 'n Roses

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Guns N'Roses merchandise for mini rocker

From Guns n' Roses we have a huge assortment with shirts, longsleeves, hoodies, baby-bodies and bibs. In addition to the iconic band logo with revolvers and roses in both colorful and monochrome, there is the classic black and white motif "Paradise City" in the style of a Jack Daniel's label, as well as a skull with a top hat in reference to Slash. This will make any kid look cool!

Image is everything!

The fascination of Guns n' Roses lies not least in the rebellious image of the scandalous band, whose strong characters like Axl Rose or Slash always do what they want. This attitude also radiates from the Sex Pistols, who also have an extremely distinctive logo, which we of course have in our portfolio. The Rolling Stones' stuck-out tongue (available with or without the band logo) is also a snotty statement that fits in perfectly. And of course we also have a lot of motifs from Axl's interim employers AC/DC!