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 CALIBAN - The German Metalcore Pioneers...

CALIBAN - The German Metalcore Pioneers

Dystopian "Zeitgeister"

Named after a character by William Shakespeare, Caliban, founded in 1997, are, together with their companions from Heaven Shall Burn, the most important band of the German metalcore scene. Soundtrack-like keyboards provide a lot of atmosphere and originality. After growls in the verses and melodic clear vocals in the choruses were the defining stylistic device for a long time, frontman Andreas Dörner increasingly relies on a fusion of both, while maintaining the great catchiness. Caliban enjoys great recognition not only from fans around the world, but also from other musicians like Anders Friden of In Flames (producer of "The Opposite From Within") or Adam Dutkiewicz of Killswith Engage (mixer of "Say Hello To Tragedy"). .


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