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It's getting dark! Black Metal vs. Death Metal

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It\'s getting dark! Black Metal vs. Death Metal -

Black Metal vs. Death Metal

Hello Metal Kids!

We have many different genres in our shop, from punk to medieval rock to heavy metal and even death metal - there's something for everyone here. For all those who like it harder and darker, today we present you the Death and Black Metal bands in our shop. We don't just have the latest bands in our range, but also a few classics - from old school to new school, everything is represented. Because even though the metal genre is still relatively young, it has continuously developed over the last decades and split up into numerous sub-genres.  

Old School and New School

When talking about black metal, one band cannot be missing, of course: Venom - the founding fathers of the genre. Their 1982 album "Black Metal" gave the genre its name and laid the foundation for future generations of bands. 

One of these bands is Behemoth. Since the 90s, the band around mastermind Nergal has belonged to the spearhead of black metal. Their album "The Satanist" set new standards in the scene in 2014. In the meantime, they are also known far beyond the borders of the genre and enjoy a large fan base across the entire metal scene. Here in the shop you can find children's and baby merchandise from the band. A real highlight are the Behemoth baby caps and bibs.


Also represented in our shop are Dark Funeral. The Swedes stand for technical black metal at brute speed. They have been dominating the stages since the 90s and don't seem to think about stopping for a long time yet. Their 2016 album "Where Shadows Forever Reign" showed once again that they can still write good and exciting long players. 


When you talk about death metal, you can't miss Death, of course. Since 1983, they have shaped an entire genre for almost two decades. Their legendary albums "Leprosy", "Symboliv", "Spiritual Healing" and "The Sound of Perseverance" are still groundbreaking for the sound of many death metal bands. Unfortunately, singer and guitarist Chuck Schuldiner died of cancer in 2001. The band subsequently disbanded, but left behind an incredible musical legacy.


When it comes to classic death metal, you can't leave out bands like Possessed or Suffocation, who were among the first bands to incorporate grind and hardcore elements into their music, giving it a new drive. 

Black Metal stays cold - like the frosty sound of Immortal. Started as a death metal band, they were nevertheless one of the first bands of Norwegian black metal. Abbath's distinctive corpsepaint make-up is certainly one of the most famous faces of the genre. Fans of the band will find everything their little black metal hearts desire.


What are your favourite bands? Death or rather Black Metal - and are you more of a "New School" or "Old School" team? Let us know in the comments.

See you next time

Your Metal Kids!