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Outfits for the sport and to relax -

Sport with Metal Kids

The Metal Kids Fanshop doesn't just sell band shirts. Besides all kinds of baby accessories, we also have a lot for sporty kids. Because it's never wrong to look cool and rocky even when doing sports. 

Let's start with our jogging trousers. Not only are they perfect for school sports, but they're also great for hanging out on the couch at home. In addition to trousers by bands like Parkway Drive, Metallica or Heavysaurus, the shop also has cool metal kids motifs like "Metalhead", "Metalzwerg" or "Son of Odin". There's something for every little metal fan. All sweatpants are available for kids and babies from 0 to 14 years. 

Always with you on the road

What can't be missing besides the jogging pants for sports lessons - the sports bag, of course! You can also find cool gym bags in our shop. The designs by Amon Amarth and our cool gaming motifs such as "Born to Game" are right up there with them. The "Sleep Not" and "Kinderkotze" gym bags in nasty death metal lettering are also eye-catchers. For all little biker rockers, the "Born to Ride" bag is ideal for the next motorbike trip. The gym bags are suitable for sports gear or if you need to take a little something with you on the road. Of course, our new Metal Kids multifunctional scarf also fits inside - it's a must-have for every outing.


And don't forget to drink enough water while exercising. That's why we have the "Metal Kid" water bottle with a cool fry fork print. A real eye-catcher, whether at kindergarten, on the playground, at school or during sports. With 400 ml it also fits perfectly into smaller backpacks and school bags and is not too heavy for the little ones.

So get your sports outfit from Metal Kids!